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The restaurant business is a type of enterprise in which you have to be very careful when you get in it because the competition is very strong and is not very welcoming of new competitors as other industries might be.

The other aspect of running a restaurant or a chain of restaurants is that the employees are an essential part of the brand, it is crucial to employ only people which are very friendly and willing to go the extra mile in order to keep the customers happy and coming back again and again.

The best kind of clients you want to bring are the ones that spend the most or the ones that bring always with them a lot of friends or family. For this clients is important to make sure to treat them very well so that they every time they leave they have a smile on their face.


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Meeting chicas at a restaurant in Bogota Colombia



Some time when you travel abroad and visit restaurants in exotic places like Colombia, Panama or even Mexico, it is always a good idea to look for the ones that encourage mingling and socializing with new people so that you get to make new friends, those friends could be for only have fun and chat, and also to share sexy intimate time or even a good relationship can blossom when you least expect it.

One time I was in Bogota Colombia visiting with some friends and instead of meeting new people at the place we were, we decided to instead call some prepago Bogota, and 3 very sexy ladies arrived to that spot we were near the airport, and let me tell you… We had a blast, it was one of the best times I spent. No regrets at all.

The secret to stamina



Most of respondents admit to having utilized food in their sex games, of which 78% are men and 22% ladies; anyway they admit that they have utilized them with their sweethearts and not with their accomplices.


Men's preferred Spanish fly nourishments incorporate clams and ceviche, while ladies lean toward chocolate and red natural products.


Summer shows up and, with it, the warmth that diminishes sexual hunger. Sweethearts begin trying different things with love potion nourishments to give a lift to moxie.


As per most recent study, the extra-conjugal experience, about 80% of respondents admit that they utilize or have utilized food to help their moxie during the mid-year occasions, while at different seasons they are not as pined for.


The inquisitive actuality is that half of the people (53%) admits to having utilized food in their sex games, or expended Spanish fly food, with their sex partners, yet would not set out to do as such with his customary accomplice.


By and large, food is a decent energizer in each regard: there are numerous nourishments that help fuel enthusiasm since levels of the "satisfaction hormone" increment.


For men, shellfish and conventional ceviche are the food they have expended the most. The previous are an incredible energizer: its high substance of zinc produces estrogen and testosterone. As it is additionally devoured new, it is an ideal nourishment for summer upgrades. Then again, ceviche, notwithstanding being the hero in Colombia when discussing sexual enhancer nourishments, is high in phosphorus.


With respect to the ladies overviewed, they notice chocolate and red organic products as their preferred love potion nourishments. The smell and surface of the previous invigorates sexual want, making it a great among love potion nourishments. While the red natural products, notwithstanding their invigorating shading, likewise star in numerous games and sexual dreams. Champagne is viewed as the quintessential Spanish fly beverage.

Unexpected turn of events


Some might say I love Colombia (and Bogota specially) too much, but the thing is that I’ve some of the greatest moments in my life down there, so is natural that I want to share my experiences with you all by telling you secrets from that beautiful land.

One time I arrange a date with a woman that worked at escorts Bogota, and at the moment I was alone at the bar of my hotel but after 45 minutes she arrived. She was sexier and hotter that I thought, I was like…Wow! Also to my surprise she was very friendly as well, so we had a great time that evening as you can imagine. But the best thing was that I ended up getting into a relationship with this hot chica. You never know what the future has in store for you.


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I also like to share my opinions regarding how to save money and invest on different assets, especially real estate. In e few days I will be giving a good tips on how to invest on rental properties in South America.

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As good as the restaurant industry is (also very profitable), there are other places where you can also put your money to work. The real estate business in Santiago de Chile, Asuncion Paraguay, or Bogota Colombia is booming, if you know where to look you can find really good deals, and as soon as you buy the property you can convert it in to a passive income machine by furnishing it and putting it on Airbnb. Just start by looking for properties on sale in Bogota, and then do the same for the other cities I mentioned before. You will be pleasantly surprised at the great deals you’ll find.

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